Brand Monitoring Services

There’s an ever growing global problem of online brand abuse in the form of cyber-squatted domain names

This has cost millions to businesses. Our bespoke data driven technology Mark Protect was created to simplify the overwhelming task of policing and taking action on trademark infringements across the Web. Whether you’re just beginning to assess the impact of cyber-squatting on your business or have been fighting this problem for years, Mark Protect is the right solution for you.

What Are the Benefits?

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How Does Mark Protect Work?

Global Domain Search

A comprehensive search for all domain names that contain your trademarks.

Infringement Assessment

Identification of most egregious domains infringing on your brand.

Prioritization of Infringements

Domains prioritized with the highest risk factors to your online brand.

Recommended Action Plan

Summary of the findings and actionable recommendations to alleviate risk.

Joint Agreement on Plan

Agreement from trademark holder on the recommended course of action.

Execution of the Plan

We will take the lead or work with your legal team on addressing the top infringements.

Domain Watch

Sign up to the domain watch service, which allows you to create and customise daily email alerts on any newly registered gTLD or major ccTLD domain names that are registered with 3rd party companies. It will cover domain names which contains your brand names or a particular keywords. You will also receive alerts when WHOIS contact data or DNS information changes for a particular domain or group of domains.


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