Ensured and Refundable IP CCTV Services in the UK

Technobytes install and maintain cutting-edge video surveillance technologies designed to impede people from targeting your business, assets, and people. Our IP CCTV Services products use the latest technology to capture and record high definition images of your premises 24/7.

We can deliver a complete, bespoke CCTV camera solution that, when combined with existing security measures and systems, creates a comprehensive package tailored to your requirements and risk profiles. Our engineers have many years of experience commissioning security camera systems.

We focus on delivering cost-effective solutions, with class-leading aftercare, that meets and exceeds customer expectations.


  • Easy to manage and extremely configurable whilst remaining low in maintenance
  • Simultaneous viewing, playback, recording, and archiving
  • Remotely monitored systems installed and monitored to BS8418 standard

Benefits of IP CCTV Services

  • Helps to create a safer environment for employees, visitors, premises, and property
  • Acts as a stern deterrent to would-be criminals
  • Greatly improves building control and management processes
  • Can assist with emergency and accident management
  • Can be integrated with new or existing building systems and processes


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