SSL Certificates

Why does my website need an SSL?

Your website needs an SSL to be compliant, as it protects financial and personal data. With an SSL in place all communication will be encrypted, helping to build brand trust and user confidence, whilst also improving your SEO ranking.

Having an SSL Certificate on your website is the foundation of a good secure website. Not only are you protecting your customer, but you are also guarding your most valuable asset: Your brand.

Domain Validation SSL

This is the most basic SSL certificate and can be issued in minutes.

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Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation SSLs are the most trusted and secure of all the SSL certificates and are widely used by most of the world’s largest organisations.

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Organisation Validation SSL

An Organisation Validated SSL certificate gives your website visitors even more confidence as both the domain name and the organisation are validated by a human before the certificate is issued.

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Wildcard SSL

A wildcard SSL secures your domain and unlimited subdomains on one certificate.

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